Sunday, October 2, 2011

hello october

September is gone, and what a blur for me. Every September seems to be this way, but this month God added the beginning of the next member of our family, so the month was even more of a blur. My daughter had her birthday, I visited my sister in Tacoma, volunteered for 3 days at an annual consignment (love the donations it provides to those in need) and started working a few more days a week. And to that exhaustion and nausea (all the time) of early pregnancy and the fact that we have been without a car since the last week of August (means I run with the stroller or bike with the bike trailer everywhere) and September FLEW by. But, it's also been very good - we successfully transformed the 'what did I get' of a birthday into a book exchange for all her friends (so awesome) and my goal with the next baby was to be in better shape; without a car that has been sort of forced in spite of days when I know I might not get out of bed otherwise. (so sick - I don't remember this from the first, but my husband said it was bad then too).
So, looking forward to maybe feeling better this week (the nausea bands do help - I thought I was doing a little better 2 weeks ago, but then it came on again this past week and if I put the bands on every morning, I'm functional) :) Looking forward to God's joys in the coming week, my daughter has been amazing, and yay for more opportunity to be healthy. (and oh yes, trying to rest up a bit this week for the Portland Marathon on Sunday - yeah, I'll get to say I did it pregnant) :)

As far as home education, we blundered through September. I consider it a timely break after 3 months from when we started. :) One of the more interesting things we've done/continue to do is a 'unit study' on narwhals, my daughters latest fascination. This brought in information about the north/south poles, earth's axis and seasons, where other whales/cold weather animals live (did you know penguins are in the south pole, not the north?), and lot's of other things I would have never considered 'teaching' her at this age. AWESOME! and, oh yes, she makes a lovely narwhal sound.

Going into October we finish the days of creation, continue with letters and numbers & addition/subtration, read TONS and love on God.

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