Sunday, August 28, 2011

day 13 - Bible in a Year

todays reading: GENESIS 36:1-19, 1CHRONICLES 1:35-37, GENESIS 36:20-30, 1CHRONICLES 1:38-42, GENESIS 36:31-43 (i've been super enjoying the chronological readings..)

thoughts from today:

  • footnote: Genesis 36:21 Because of the similarity of the word 'Horites' to a Hebrew word for "cave," the term Horite was formerly interpreted as "cave dweller." But later archaeological discoveries have shown that the Horites are not to be explained as cave dwellers, but are to be identified with an important group in the Near East in patriarchal times (J. P. Free, Archaeology and Bible History). In fact, neither the Bible nor archaeology has any proof of aboriginal "cavemen." Cities of great antiquity have been unearthed with ever-increasing evidence that "when civilization appears it is already fully grown," and "pre-Semitic culture springs into view ready-made" (Hall, History of the Near East). -I have been wondering about cavemen as of late, and was really leaning toward them not existig at all, and this is very interesting text to support that notion.
  • the rest of the reading is list of Esau's family, which I'm sue has more meaning than my knowledge allows me to see. From the above footnote, it's obvious that God wanted us to know our heritage, where we came from and how He created us, and how we are His and have been watched over by Him from the beginning. What an amazing detail oriented God we serve. :)  

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