Thursday, August 18, 2011

day three- Bible in a Year

Today's reading: GENESIS 7:1-10:5, 1CHRONICLES 1:5-7, GENESIS 10:6-20, 1CHRONICLES 1:8-16, GENESIS 10:21-30, 1CHRONICLES 1:17-23, GENESIS 10:31-32

Thoughts from today's passages:

  • footnote: Genesis 8:13 Possibly overhanging eaves which prevented the rain from coming through the perforated window space had also prevented Noah from seeing the mountaintops. It is well to remember that the Architect of Noah's ark was the omniscient Scientist Whose "ways are past finding out," though men have learned much from them through the centuries. Nothing was lacking in Noah's ark to keep it from being suited for all that was required of it. The comfortable, light, well-ventilated, watertight, perfectly planned boat, large enough to accommodate all the original land animals intelligently and to permit the four human couples to live separately and in peace, needs no apology today. "In 1609 at Hoorn, in Holland, the Netherlandish Mennonite, P. Jansen, produced a vessel after the pattern of the ark, only smaller, whereby he proved it was well adapted for floating, and would carry a cargo greater by one-third than any other form of like cubical content" (J.P. Lange, A Commentary). It revolutionized shipbuilding. By 1900 every large vessel on the high seas was definitely inclined toward the proportions of Noah's ark (as verified by "Lloyd's Register of Shipping," The World Almanac). Later, ships were built longer for speed, a matter of no concern to Noah. -God rocks
  • Genesis 8 1AND GOD [earnestly] remembered Noah...-i like the idea of God earnestly remembering...
  • Genesis 9 17And God said to Noah, This [rainbow] is the token or sign of the covenant or solemn pledge which I have established between Me and all flesh upon the earth. -another reminder of God's relationship with us

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