Tuesday, September 6, 2011

day 22 - Bible in a year

today's reading: JOB 12:1-14:22


  • Job seems to be a dichotomy to me - in one breath he says how he honors God and trusts Him, yet in other breaths he is complaining about how God is unjust and how he wishes he had never been born. I am not sure I could fully believe both statements in myself - if I trust God fully, then even as the bad things happen to me I know God is in control, and has a plan. To wish I had never been born would be to undermine God's holiness and basically shows lack of trust. Job seems to be trapped in a cycle of ill-logic, and when his friends try to help him, he continues on his crazy cycle. 'I trust God...oh that I'd never been born and that God would let me be....I could argue my case against God...but I trust God....' 

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