Monday, January 9, 2012

Things I'd like to do in 2012...

  1. Enjoy God more...really draw on Him daily
  2. Make marshmallows at home
  3. Branch out in bread making varieties (whole wheat is awesome, but I should be able to make more than one type of loaf) :)
  4. Make all baby's food at home
  5. finish 2010 & 2011 photo books; keep 'current' on 2012 photo book
  6. replace all photos in house with more current ones
  7. Run 50k in fall again
  8. run 3x week consistently
  9. go to more parks this summer
  10. convert garage to play/school area
  11. sew at least 1)a skirt for myself & daughter, 2) blanket for baby, 3) pants for baby, 4) pj pants for myself & daughter 5) baby bibs 
  12. put up Bible verse on kitchen wall & bedroom wall
  13. paint kitchen

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