Friday, September 28, 2012

on falling into mentoring...

I didn't plan on it. I definitely didn't see it coming. Two years ago my husband began volunteering with our church's youth program, or student community (shortened to stucom). At the time they needed help with the middle school age, and they were really in need of female leader volunteers. My husband poked me a little to help out, and we made it a place we could serve together. I became the leader of the 7th grade girls, and thought "sure, I can do this for the year, until they get more ladies to volunteer. I can totally 'fill-in'". Unbeknownst to me at the time, God didn't plan for me to be a 'fiil-in'. Fast forward two years, and 'my girls' are starting high school. Even through adding the second little addition to our family this past year, there was no doubt in my mind that I would not be leaving those girls. They are, as I said, 'my girls'. I find myself looking forward to talking about life with them & sharing how I see God in and around them. I often stand in amazement as God  moves in them, many times without them realizing it, and it's such a good reflection to realize God is always moving in me as well - even when I don't notice Him. It's humbling that God uses me in these young ladies lives, and honoring to get a front row seat as He unfold His Story to them. And when the doubts of my life having meaning start to creep into my mind - God reminds me of those girls, and whispers ever so lovingly "you, my dear, my daughter, my are a mentor because I chose you to be, and regardless of what your mind might try to tell you, rest on what I tell you....and I tell you it all matters. to your kids. to 'your girls'. and, most of all, to Me."

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