Friday, May 3, 2013

the enemy is a liar

I've been going through Ephesians, focusing on Ephesians 6:10-20, with the woman's Bible study group at my church, and God is allowing me to see more clearly that our enemy is a liar. Not just an occasional one, but that is all he does. He lies. He cheats. And he is out to destroy - as in defeat us to the point we don't get up again. That is a big attack. And it is on going. The comparison game I play with my looks, abilities, daily successes and failures - all of it lies. God is the only One I should be listening to. He is where I get my marching orders, my daily list of to-do's. Other's opinions and writings can be inspired, even of God, but as soon as I allow it to be above God in my life, it gets twisted by the enemy as a lie. This is why it is so important to know our God - to spend time with Him daily. To be intimate & vulnerable with God allows Him access to my deepest heart & mind. Then He can change me, mold me, and speak His truth to me. When I am listening to & seeking out God, all other voices are filtered through Him, and it's His truth I get to experience, not the enemy's twisting of things into lies.

May you experience Gods truth throughout today, as you meditate on things of Him. May you not be detracted by things of this world, but be consumed with how mighty, powerful, strong, great, majestic & over-all God is today.

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