Tuesday, May 28, 2013

thoughts from John 6...

God isn't bound by His creation - He's bigger, larger and outside of it. He used His creation to show Himself. Creation itself glorifies & praises God. And while creation seems to maintain life on it's own, God can add life more abundantly to it., as in He fulfills it. He is beyond our understanding of time & space, and outside of the natural realm He made.
Examples of this are: manna in the dessert, Jesus feeding 5000+ with 2 fish & 5 fish, Jesus walking on water, the dead being raised, the sick being healed, water being turned into wine, the 10 plagues, the sun standing still, the rain stating & stopping on command, the wet/dry fleece...

Truly, what if I didn't fear? Nothing is worth worrying/stressing/being anxious about. Lord, help me to fully, truly trust You!

All providence comes from Him God the Provider.

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