Friday, October 5, 2012

He's in the details of a dentist appointment...

Just wanted to give a shout out to God - YOU'RE AWESOME!!! He has my back in so many ways - ways I can't even begin to wrap my brain around. The tiniest of details don't escape Him, ever. Love that. Something as small as a dentist appointment for my daughter isn't even too small for Hi to take care of.

My daughter just turned 6, and I knew the dentist appointment was scheduled soon, but hadn't even looked at my calendar yet to see exactly what day it was on when some part of my brain starting thinking that maybe I should check on the date since my schedule is quite a bit different than it was 6 months ago. The thought tickled my mind as I was drifting to sleep one night, and usually I write this sort of thing down so I remember to take care of it in the morning & my mind can let it go, but I must've been super sleepy that night (an almost 5 month old will do that to you) because I didn't do that. Then I forgot about it. This could've been an issue in the making...

But not with my God - dun dun da da! (super hero music inserted here) This morning I received a call from the dentist office, it seems the insurance will only cover appointments that are over 6 months apart, and the day we were scheduled for (a Thursday & no longer good my our schedule) was one day shy of that 6 month mark. They wanted to know if the next morning (Friday) would work, and Fridays are now the best day for appointments for us. You may think 'Well that's a pretty silly thing to get excited about', but then you would SO miss the point. You'd miss that my God has once again shown me how much He cares for & loves me. Loves me so much that a little thing like my daughter's dentist appointment (which could have been a stressful mess to take care of - think lugging two 6 month olds to the dentist office & juggling them while trying to still support my daughter through only her 2nd dentist appointment ever - I see SO MANY stressful moments for me - that or just the headache of trying to fit an appointment in some other time) was not too small for God to take care of for me. He loves to love on His kids, and I love when I'm not too wrapped up in myself to notice. I also love that He gave me the heads up that HE was taking care of it by letting me realize the appointment needed to be changed, then He took care of it befre I could get around to it. Love Him. So Much. With All My Heart. So again, YAY GOD!

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